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[sticky post]Permanent Wants List
raichu, vulpix

Last updated 7/9/2016

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a nice day. I found a lot of new wants, so I thought I'd throw together a new permanent wants list! I will only purchase MWT items at this time. I don't have payment ready right now(Why can't everyday be payday?), but I wanted to do some scouting to see what's out there, especially since a lot of the items on this list are really expensive. I need to know what to save for! Thanks for looking, and happy collecting!

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Permanent Sales Post
Tachibana, Makoto, Free!, Swimming
Hi everyone! I'm going back to college soon, which means I need to weed out my collection. I'm very much so open to offers, so don't be afraid to reach out! Thanks for looking, and happy collecting!(Sorry for the phone-quality pictures, my phone is the only thing I can take pictures with at the moment.)

-Granted sales permission by aerica96 on August 23,2016
-My feedback:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/toketsuhana/
-All community rules apply.
-I will not sell to banned members or members that are not a part of the pkmncollectors community.
-I accept PayPal only.
-All prices are in USD and do not include PayPal fees or shipping fees.
-I will accept haggling within reason
-I ship from Montana, USA
-I ship to the US only at this time.
-I come from a pet-free, smoke-free home.
-I will do holds as long as an arrangement is made, otherwise
payment is due 24 hours after committing
-First come, first served. The first person to commit gets the item, a quote does not count as a commitment.
-I will ship as fast as I can, and let you know once the item has shipped. ( I am new to selling, so please bear with me! I’ll always keep you updated on the status of your plush, I just might ship a little slower than some other sellers.)
- I DO NOT accept returns in cases of "buyer's remorse"
- I am NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages. I always choose shipping options with tracking, and I will always ship using the cheapest method unless you request to upgrade to priority.
-I ship with USPS, using bubble mailers for plush and larger items, and envelopes for flats. I also protect tags with bubble wrap. For larger orders I will ship in boxes.
- All plush items are Mint with Tag(MWT) unless other specifications have been listed. Those items marked with JP are from Japan.
-If you purchase a set(i.e. the Alolan Starters or Yveltal and Xerneas) I will offer a discount!

Onto the items!-This sales post has been posted on similar collecting groups, but I will always update it when something has been sold.

Xerneas Pokedoll MWT- SOLD
Yveltal Pokedoll MWT-SOLD
Rayquayza Pokedoll MWT(Tag has heavy damage)-$30
Darkrai Pokedoll JP MWT- $20
Popplio Pokedoll JP MWT-$12
Rowlet Pokedoll JP MWT-$12
Litten Pokedoll JP MWT-SOLD
Rockruff Pokedoll JP MWT-$12
Oricorio Sensu Form Pokedoll JP MWT-SOLD
Dedenne Pokedoll TTO-$8
Lapras Pokedoll JP MWT(Tag has some damage)-SOLD
Slowpoke Pokedoll JP MWT-SOLD
Shaymin Land Form Pokedoll JP MWT-$25
Whimsicott Pokedoll JP MWT-$40

Jolteon Pokedoll MWT-$15
Audino Pokedoll JP MWT-$15
Glameow Pokedoll MWT-$15
Pachirisu Pokedoll MWT-SOLD
Blitzle Pokedoll MWT-$10
Emolga Pokedoll JP MWT-$15

Alolan Vulpix Pokemon Center Plush JP MWT-SOLD
Alolan Vulpix Pikachu Costume Plush JP MWT-$35
Vaporeon Eevee Costume Plush JP MWT-$30
Marill Pokemon Center Plush JP MWT-$20
Alolan Raichu Pokemon Center Plush JP MWT-$18
Cyndaquil Pokemon Center Plush JP MWT-$15
Bewear Pokemon Center Plush JP MWT-$15

Litten Pokemon Center Plush MWT-$8
I Love Eevee Banpresto Eevee Plush JP MWT- SOLD
Tomy Glaceon Plush MWT- $8

Zip Up Pokeball Alolan Sandshrew Plush- $18

MIP Tomy Latias Figure JP-$8
Unopened Dedenne Ichiban Kuji Scrunchie JP-$6
Costume Eevee Umbreon Candy Tin(candy not included)-$3
Eeveelution Pokedoll Tin JP-SOLD
Vulpix's Crystal Season Towl JP-$10

Shipping Tutorial?
Tachibana, Makoto, Free!, Swimming

Hi everyone! I’ve been going through my collection and I decided some major weeding needed to be done. I do have sales permission, but I’ve never sold anything online before in my life so I was wondering if there was a tutorial on PKMNCollectors somewhere or if one of you lovely members could help me out? I need help with everything from how to determine shipping prices to how to package items properly. Thanks!

Plush Info?
Tachibana, Makoto, Free!, Swimming

Hi everyone! Long time no post! I was browsinf Instagram and I saw that Pokeshopper posted this image of new Banpresto plushies. Does anyone have any info on when they’re coming out or how to preorder them? I need those rai’s in my life! Thanks, and happy collecting!

Plush Coming to the US Center?
Tachibana, Makoto, Free!, Swimming

Hi everyone! I hope everybody's been enjoying the holidays! I was just wondering if you think the newly released and upcoming plushes will make their way to the U.S. I'd really love the new poke dolls and alolan raichu plush, but I'd rather not pay extra to ship them from Japan.

ISO: MWT Dedenne and Clauncher Pokedolls
Tachibana, Makoto, Free!, Swimming

Hi everyone! I went to purchase some things off of the Pokemon center website, but apparently they won't take visa gift cards.. Whoops! So I was wondering if anyone has a MWT Dedenne or Clauncher pokedoll for sale. I wasn't looking to spend more than $30 combined for both. Thanks!

(no subject)
Tachibana, Makoto, Free!, Swimming
Hi everyone, I'm here with sort of a tricky subject. I don't mean to call anyone out, but I need some help. I ordered a plush from a comm member back in May, and it still hasn't arrived. The seller lived in the UK, so I expected it to take a little longer. The seller gave me a tracking number, but when I plugged in the tracking number, nothing came up. I've tried contacting the seller multiple times, but they still haven't responded. Does anyone have any advice for this sort of thing?

Quick Wants!
Tachibana, Makoto, Free!, Swimming
If anyone has a Vaporeon or Umbreon Pokedoll, please let me know! It doesn't matter which year it was released as long as it's MWT. Thanks!

Looking for Vulpix And Mew Plush!
Tachibana, Makoto, Free!, Swimming
Hi everyone! I'm back again looking for this Pokemon Center Vulpix plush for around $24 shipped, but I'm willing to negotiate! It can be US or JP, but it has to be MWT. Edit: I'd also like to know if anyone has the Mew 20th anniversary plush for sale! Thanks for reading!

Quick Wants!
Tachibana, Makoto, Free!, Swimming
Hey, everyone! I just have a few wants I'm after. I've gotten quite a few new plushies lately, so I've been thinking about doing a collection update, as well as a reintroduction post since I haven't been a regular on the community in a while! Anyway, let's get to the wants!
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Thanks for looking, and happy collecting!